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I am happy to see that you have joined this website. We offer you a safe and clean website with normal, decent people, whom we all know a little bit. There is no need to worry about the person you chat or pm with, because everyone has to identify himself to the Site Owner or Forum Master (see further).

For now: Have fun and read a lot to begin with and observe it all. You do not have to post (a lot) immediately, let alone post something every day and read everything; even only once a week and trying to read bits and pieces, that is fine too. Below you will find the description of a number of items that you should know about this website and how the forum works.

Language option:
For people who are not very strong in English: if you scroll to the lowest grey task bar , you will find a cell at the left where it says: English. Click the triangle next to it and many more options will appear. Each European can thus choose in which language he wants the menu of this site, to make sure that you maybe understand all options better. You can switch as often as you want to. Furthermore, in the country sections of every one’s country, their own language is spoken.

As mentioned already, we want a safe site with normal, decent people. We do not appreciate people who try to make money in dubious ways and/or are working in the hp-business. Therefore it is obligatory to fill in the five most important fields of your profile and answer 3 questions that the administrator or moderator asks you. After that you will be allowed to participate completely. This procedure is to ensure everyone’s security. Also during meetings.

Fill in your profile:
Therefore fill in your profile first. We would like to know more or less who you are and what you do. You do not have to enter details that you not want everybody to know, such as your full name. But put your first name in at least. On the other hand, the more complete you fill in your profile, the more serious you are considered and more trustworthy and the sooner you will make friends. If you have a nice picture, upload the picture of your beauty. Especially if you are a Ferrari owner. If you do not own a Ferrari (yet), it may also be your current car of course. Or place a picture of your dream Ferrari.

Trial Period:
With us you can try things and see if you like it during max. 6 months. If you are new, identify yourself on the main thread of F-specific and tell something about yourself. The moderator or one of the other 2 platinum subscribed members will then contact you and ask you a few more general questions. After that you can start for trial period. 30 days before the end of this period, you will receive an e-mail and pm that this period will end. That means that you will still have one month to subscribe officially. If you do not do so, your user name, pm-box and all your posts will automatically expire.

If you think that you will stay and post or read regularly, then subscribe as a member. It has many advantages. First of all you can upload an avatar. This is the little picture next to everyone’s name, once you have posted. That looks nice and friendly. Apart from that is also nice for yourself to see your favourite picture and it makes your posts a bit more personal. It also makes the entire page livelier. Next to that your user name will also be in bold. Apart from this you are allowed to upload many more pictures and scans and you will have a larger pm-box. To do this, you first have to subscribe as bronze (1 year) or silver (3 years).
This costs only Euro 10,- per year or Euro 25,- for 3 years. To be paid by bank transfer or Paypal. Below you will find the description on how to subscribe: in the blue-grey bar on the top right, it says: ‘subscription info’, click on that. Two options will appear: bronze and silver. You have to make a choice there and click further. On the next page you will see our bank account number or the option to pay via Paypal. Usually within 48 hours we will receive your payment and your subscription will be activated.

If you wish to send a reaction to someone, first look at that person’s ‘status’. In principle we are obviously all equal as human being but in practice in this chat we have not invented for nothing a system of indications to mark someone based on the number of posts that he has placed. You can see that underneath the user name: 0-50 = rookie, 51-250 = carting, 251-1000 = formula junior, etc. up to F1 world champion (after 10.000 posts!).
On the top right you can see when someone has subscribed, so how long that person is already on this site. And you can also see how many posts he has already done. Of course you treat all your co-members with respect but an F1-Veteran, registered in 2003 with even more respect than for example a rookie.
The first one has posted much more, most likely knows a lot more about different things, has seen different subjects pass by more than 10 times, etc. This is the same for the F-owner! And without owners, the fun of our hobby would soon be over. Therefore an F-owner is a little bit different than an F-admirer, let alone a young F-fan such as students. A bit strange maybe, internet belongs to all of us, this site is from everybody and for everybody, but I believe it is better to maintain a little bit of ‘perspective” on this website. In that way things will go smoother.
Then there is something else: each country has its own ‘moderator’. They have certain competences while treating members and guarding the threads; technically, because they can change posts or remove them for example for inappropriate language, suspected criminal activities, indecent things. Information: our moderator is NoFear02. He has been a Formula3-member for 1 year already. He has therefore seen a lot already. Then there are approximately 10 gold subscribed members for special contributions. Two other people are platinum subscribed and they form the Board of this site.

You can have a look at the subjects in the sub-forums and threads in your own country section, to find out what is being discussed there. Some sections have sub-sections. Just click and try it out.
In the column on the right you can see who sent the last reaction. Underneath Ferrari-specific is a main thread: this is an ongoing story. There is another one in the chitchat (not f-related). You can also have a look in the general forum. If one of us has posted somewhere, it might be worthwhile to read the English threads for example. These are often serious, about real F-info etcetera. For technical questions and answers you can chat with owners of certain types of cars: per model. And you can ask thing, exchange experiences, etcetera. Especially technical information for repairs can be very important.
Since the structure of all sections for all European countries is the same, it is also nice to have a look in another country, to see what is going on there. For example, looking at pictures from another country is always fun.
So you have the common forums all the way at the top, then the country sections from Europe, than the global continents and then some other topics. Later a section will be added where you can buy merchandise and read the newsletter from the owner Rob van Gemeren. Each European country has several forum sections in their own language. The common sections are in English.
Threads where you have already been before and where new posts have been added, are in bold. Click on the blue arrow pointing down and go to the first new post that you have not read yet. Convenient!
You can also click on ‘last page’ further to the right and leave a post there. You can also go to the last placed post immediately: go to the dark grey part on the right, the blue arrow pointing to the side.

If you decide to post something (just click on the ‘post reply’ button all the way at the end of the page) and you have typed something, do a preview first to see if it looks good. Is a quote looking well, for example? Only after doing that, place the post. You can still change your post until 60 minutes after placing it (via edit) or even remove it (after edit; delete).
Do not just suggest some kind of wild idea, check first if there are no other people already busy with that subject or have been in the past. And never take over a thread by placing too many posts. I find 6 to 8 per day in one thread is actually already a lot. Further: do not offend anyone; see the rules. You are allowed to tease, obviously, therefore you can use the smilies, see there. Please pay attention to your language, no swearing or sexual remarks. Gross language such as the word f*ck will already be depicted automatically as 4 little stars. But that also does not look very nice.
Also pay close attention to the distinction between F-chat and chitchat. Use the chitchat to fool around and to talk about this and that.

If you wish to indicate in what sort of emotion your text is meant to be read, such as smiling, confused or angry, you can use a so called smiley. This is a little face that conveys a certain facial expression. Take a look in: Search, 3rd option: FAQ, enter, v Bulletin FAQ, 1st option: user maintenance, enter and then to the third square, 3rd option, what are smilies. You are then here:
If you want to be funny, at least learn the most important ones and how to type them: the wink, smile, big smile and sticking out your tongue, looking serious (knit your eyebrows). This way the chance is bigger that some one does not misunderstand you.

Quoting/ incl. multi quoting:
About quoting: do not type entire parts of a text, that looks strange and you have to scroll endlessly; take out the middle part and connect the first part with dots to the last part (like this: “….”). So you leave 3 to 5 words, then dots and then the last 3 to 5 words. Please pay attention that you leave the quotation marks and do not delete them, because like that you will not get such a blue piece. A quote always starts with […] and ends with [/…].
If, accidentally, you have removed a little bit too much, just put in the bracket manually.
If you want to quote several parts from several people in one new message, just click on the little sign all the way at the end on the right: the letter with the quotation marks and the plus sign. If you click on that it becomes orange and once you have selected the messages where you want to post on, click on Quote or Post reply and a window will appear with all these quotes. Pay attention to where you start typing.

Uploading pictures / images:
In a new post you press post reply. You then see a white window with “message”. Underneath this you see a light blue option which says: ''additional options". There, in the middle you see a grey option, which says: manage attachments. Click on it. After that, you’ll see a pop up screen with 4 white squares; in these squares you can upload your pictures to the thread. I suppose you where you save your images on your computer. Then you press the option behind it: browse. Then you go to the file on your computer you want to upload. Once you have selected 1,2,3, or 4 pictures, you select “upload”. You’ll see then “uploading files- please wait” and a little blue bar that grows until it is full. Sometimes, this takes a little while. When you’re finished you’ll see your uploaded files as 'current attachments'. Here you have the possibility to remove files. After that you select “close this window”. Do not select escape or close the window, because that would mean you would have to start all over again. When you think you’re finished, you can select “preview message” in case you still want to change something in your message or, perhaps add punctuations. You can also do a final check to see if you selected the right pictures.
Then you select submit. If you punt all arrows down in the grey “attachment key”, the window is a lot shorter. If you open all the arrows you can find all kinds of files you can upload and their maximum size. If you are really into these things, you might want to take a look, otherwise, just leave it. The only thing you do need to know is the maximum size of the pictures and images you want to upload: 1280x1024 pixels. If you upload something, though, and it is too big, the programme will automatically reduce it.

Buddy list:
If you like someone or if you think somebody is posting interesting things, if you’ve met someone or if someone lives close by, make him your buddy. Every member can create a buddy list, with all of your buddies together. This might come in handy, if you want to see who of your friends is on-line. Otherwise you have to go to your post box every time, check the colour of the little square (the one with the funny “V”) behind his nickname. White means your buddy is on-line, blue means off-line. You can open the buddy list by selecting “user controls” in the grey blue bar on top.
So, in short, how do you create a buddy list:

Go to: user controls
Select: settings; edit profile
Then, on the left, on your: 'control panel'
all the way down to: miscellaneous
there you select: buddy / ignore lists: ,
Then, you see in blue: buddy list,
You can then type the first 3 or 4 letters of a nickname, wait a few seconds, after which you’ll see a list with options of everyone who has a nickname that starts with the same letter. Select the name of the person you want to add to your buddy list, and ready!
There is another way of doing this; just browse through a part of a thread and every time you see the nickname of someone you want to add to your buddy list, simply click on his name (not on his avatar) and wait for a blue menu to appear. Select the final option: 'add to your buddy list'. And ready.
Once you have created a buddy list, you’ll probably select “user controls” every now and then to open it and see who of your buddies is on-line. This is also an easy way to send someone a PM, because if you select the blue square left of his name, you get to his profile right away. There you select “contact information” and “send a private message”.

You should use this list only in special cases, otherwise it will undermine the fun of the thread, but if someone annoys you big time, of if you have had an irreparable argument with someone, you can put this person on your ignore list.
By doing this, you won’t see his posts any more. The system works the same as with the buddy list, check under buddy list end there all the way at the bottom, you will see the ignore menu. You can always remover someone from the list, just as with the buddy list. On both you can add or remove people.

This means sending someone a Private Message, personally, from one to the other, outside the thread. Not everything you communicate on the website is meant for everyone. It might be of no interest whatsoever to the other, or it might be confidential. Perhaps you want to ask someone a personal question, about his car or perhaps you want to invite someone to go for a drive.
How do you send a PM? On the thread, select somebody’s name, second option. Here you can write your message, do a little preview and then you can send your message.
You can also select a name in your buddy list, select the square and arrive on his profile. On the right you’ll see the option:”send Private Message”. Unfortunately it is not possible to send an attachment with your PM. Above on the right on the general site, in the dark grey square above the blue grey bar, the welcome, you’ll see “private message” underlined and “unread” and the total of messages in your mailbox. Select the underlined and you will go to your PM-box. If there are new messages, you’ll see the 2 words “private message” in bold/black. Click on the new message to read it. Below, you’ll see “reply” to send an answer. (you cannot use more than 5000 characters in your text). Press forward if you want to also forward the message to someone else (be sure it is not a very private message…!)
It is absolutely not done to put a PM from someone on the general thread!
You do need to order your private messages regularly.
They will automatically be kept in the sent or inbox. By clicking the little squares behind the message you can delete them. Be sure to keep the important ones of course! You can also select and copy messages or parts of them to your own Word documents or copy an email to your normal mailbox. This can come handy when saving interesting information or telephone numbers etc.
If you are a silver member you can save up to 200 messages in your PM-box. If it is full for 90% you will get a message telling you it is almost full. You’ll then have to delete some items.
Sending Private Message is a lot of fun and very important item in a forum like this. If you think someone writes interesting or funny things, if someone lives in your neighbourhood or if you see someone has the same car as you or a car you really like, don’t hesitate to send him a PM! If you do not get a message back, then obviously the other one is not interested. This can happen of course, there are no obligations whatsoever.
But in general, many people us the PM system. Just give it a try!

Of course there are rules at this forum to make sure everyone knows what to expect. You can read the rules under “search” (second word on the left in the blue grey bar) then: “rules”. In short: you are not allowed to endanger the community, you do not quarrel with other members, you respect other members, you do not offend them in any way, you are not allowed to use rude or abusive language, nor do you place sexually-orientated remarks on the forum. Photos of scarcely dressed women (minimum dressed in bikini) are to be put only in the special bikini section, only accompanied by a Ferrari.
Information about “other Italian cars” or other sports cars only on their own site.

Of course F-chat is not a real club or association, so there are no regular compulsory gatherings or anything, but since 2006 we have had quite a few meetings in the Netherlands. On these occasions, we park our cars somewhere, have a drink, after which we go for a drive twice. In the evening we have a barbecue or a dinner. Besides these events we try organise something each month, every time on a different location. We have created a special calendar for these events.
You will find this calendar in one of the sections.
We also meet on a regular basis in smaller groups (e.g. people who live close to each other) and go for a little drive or have small gatherings. Everything can be arranged by PM or just on the thread.
Once you have attended a meeting, you will be sold!
If you want to have an impression of one of those meetings, open your F-chat, go to the European section, Netherlands/Belgium and then to “nwe waterweg”.

Just a few more tips:
If you want to know what someone is doing on this site, go to his profile, click on “find all posts by xxx” and you can read everything this person has written and where. (on which threads). This gives you the opportunity to learn more about a person, apart from what he has written on his profile.
Carelessly filling out your profile makes you seem non-serious, suspicious and unpleasant. So please fill out your profile with care. We would like to know in which city you live, your age (approximately), your profession. All of this information only enhances the contact and the bond we try to establish with each other. As you can understand it can make a big difference whether you are chatting with someone who is 18 years old or 45 years old.

I believe I have informed you sufficiently about this website and hopefully this information will make your stay on the website more pleasant. At first, take it easy do not go posting like a madman. Just read a bit. In time you can enter the main thread. Save handy Private Messages you receive. If all the information on the website gets overwhelming, you can also copy parts of the text to your own email or to your personal files. You might consider printing the information and keep it next to your keyboard and then try to find out how everything works.

Just give it a try! If you want to, I can always give more tips on tricks hidden on this website, like more search possibilities and the possibility of seeing the statistics.

Have fun on!


Best wishes,

Robert NoFear

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