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By coincidence I found some pictures in a photobook of mine of an event from which i don't know anymore what is was. It must have been 1993 I think, and it was in the summer at the Circuit Zandvoort. Maybe it was the marlboro racing days. Could have been 1992 as well. Maybe 6 august or something like that.

I saw this picture of 3 lambo's. I can't see the licenseplates very well. From the red dutch lambo it seems to be ZV-97-PR. The yellow (german): RA.528A, and the green one; i really can't see; but it is dutch as wel: it ends with -49. maybe L-49? (the car belonnged to Van Vliet; you could rent it, i recognize now the paper on the dashboard)

Does anyone know which event this was?

<update: red countach: i looked it up: for the first time in holland at: 20-10-1992. Date of "on the road'': 30-6-85. The current owner has it since 3-2-2000.
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