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mtange 07-05-2010 16:41

LMS: 1000 KM de Spa Francorchamps 2010
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Live from a wet Spa Francorchamps.

sharknose67 07-05-2010 19:51

Although the weather is no good the pictures are! Hope the rain will stop soon, have a nice weekend.

mtange 08-05-2010 13:57

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Classic Endurance Racing

savannah 08-05-2010 16:33

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting!


sharknose67 08-05-2010 18:36

Michael, what a beauties you have seen!!! Thanks for sharing. Is the 712 by any chance prepared by Roelofs engeneering??

Steven 09-05-2010 13:25

very nice pictures Michael,

Seems you have a wonderful weekend

dcpixels 09-05-2010 22:47

Beautiful pictures Michael! Love 'the Daytona in action'.

mtange 14-05-2010 17:54

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Thanks for the reactions!
Ed, I actually don't know if the Ferrari 712 is prepared by Roelofs Engineering.

More pics from the Ferrari's.
For the other pics, see my website:
Le Mans Series
Classic Endurance Racing

mtange 14-05-2010 17:56

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mtange 14-05-2010 17:58

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elnouk 16-05-2010 22:16

yes, it's prepared by roelofs engineering.... It's really a great car, has been at Roelofs shop for years!

Rosso by Raimondo 20-05-2010 15:14

Great photo's, also a great racing weekend.

This year I saw it live on TV normally I go to Spa, but I had a food poisoning.

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