View Full Version : Wrecked ferrari enzo returns as bonneville racer

19-08-2010, 19:13
This Ferrari Enzo wrecked when its US owner lost control and went airborne at high speed on a road rally, has made a stunning return in the guise of a Bonneville Salt Flats racer.

The accident happened on the Utah Fast Pass Road Rally, a charity event in which the police shut down a stretch of road so supercar drivers can tear up the tarmac for a 'pay to play' fee that's reportedly in the region of £5k. The expenditure for participants doesn't necessarily end there, as the TV picture of the wrecked Enzo shows.

Not one to be brought low by the misfortune of trashing one of only 400 road cars, the Enzo's owner Richard Loosee has rebuilt the car with some significant mods for Bonneville Speed Week - including new twin turbos for the original engine that will potentially boost power to the 1000hp mark, and a new nosecone designed to keep the car (not!) flying straight and level at speeds over 225mph.

The story and pics are on US blogging site Daily Derbi, so hopefully they'll update us with some more reports on the car's performance at Speed Week.