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16-10-2007, 22:45
Hi all,

I'm very divided on this issue, and I can't really figure out what I would choose if I were in the very lucky position where i had to.

I've heard of several very good arguments to why choosing F1 over Manual and vice versa.

I do though incline to the manual arguments, as I prefer being in control with the machine, heel & toe'ing myself, although I might go around the track faster with the F1.

What would - or do - you prefer, and why


16-10-2007, 22:52
i would take the manual on a 355
and the F1 on a F430 or 599 becase you can not shift as fast as the f1 on manual

but for shure to no you heve to drive the car on manual and F1 to feel the difrenve and what you like better


16-10-2007, 22:57
but for shure to no you heve to drive the car on manual and F1 to feel the difference and what you like better
Of course - but to make this thread appeal to all, I thought I'd rather post it as a "what system is most appealing to you?" question, rather that an experience-question.
Drivers familiar with both is of course appreciated too! :)


16-10-2007, 23:42
Defenately F1! So cool, automatic shifting.
I have driven a BMW M5 with tiptronic, somewhat similar tecnique and it is so cool, when up or downshifting the engine revs are so perfectly matched to the gear. No experience with ferrari, but it could ony be better :)


20-11-2007, 11:26
I tend to go for manual. Nothing beats the sensation of stirring up the oil with a stick! ;)
The 'click - clack' sound of changing gears is one of the best things that I love about driving my 308

430 Scuderia
10-12-2007, 01:11
A manual gearbox is absolutely awesome to drive , depending on the car offcourse. But with the latest technique and the milisecond gearchanging nowadays , the flappy-paddle 'things' are good aswell. Have a look at this ;


This F1 gearbox is Epic

10-12-2007, 11:27
Nice movie, did you know that was made by Gairo (575GTC) who is also a member on this forum

10-12-2007, 11:31
For my part, the 2 systems (manual or F1 commands) are good.
It's juste a question of philosophy.
For the old models as a Testarossa 1984 or a 308, the manual command is more exciting than F1 command.
However, for the recent models, the F1 system give different sensations.
As I ever said, it's just a questio of philosophy

10-12-2007, 11:33
Well the F1 is great of course, but i like the old tradition of Ferrari using the manual gearbox with the typical H-sleaves in which the gearlever shifts, it is so typical for the Ferrari-interior. I like the chrome stick with black ball on top and the click-clack sound every time you shift

10-12-2007, 12:27
I've driven a car with manual and one with F1. The F1 is difficult in the beginning, and the cruise wasn't that long. The manual gear was fun, I had to work a bit more, than with the F1 gear, which I think gave an another expereance. :)

When I get more in to the F1 gear box, I think I would prefer that one

10-12-2007, 15:05
I think it is a close call between Manual and F1 gears.. It depends on if you want to be a part of the machine, or just want great acceleration..

I really would prefer a manual geared Ferrari, it gives a little better driving experience then the F1 geared models..

But I cant really tell.. have not got a drivers license.. yet.. ;)


10-12-2007, 17:47
I both driven a Ferrari manual (348 TB and F355) and Ferrari with F1 gearbox (360 Modena F1) and I prefer the F1 because of its extraordinary accelleration.
the F1 box shifts so fast that it isn't possible to better that with a manual gearbox. but they both are great! Two totally different experiences: with manual you are more in touch with the engine because of the real shifting you do and with the F1 gearbox you have more of a racing-experience: having to use the paddle-shift like real racing-drivers do nowadays

Arie Timmermans
10-12-2007, 20:45
I had been searching for a Ferrari F355 with a manual gearbox to buy. I did get the chance to drive a 355 F1. It was wonderfull! Did handle very easy. No problems at all. I was thrilled. After a fews days I decided to buy this car.